Entirely shot and edited on iPhone 7+

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Synergie, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Wanted to share because this place is in a restricted area and you need special permission from Indian Army, which is not easy to get. This place is real. It's called Nagni, and is close to Gulmarg in Kashmir. I had roughly 40 seconds total as we were In a Vehicle driven by someone else and I didn't have time to play with settings to put it to high speed video. As a result it was shot in only 30 fps frame rate and when slowed down, it's a bit choppy. Because of that, the transitions struggled a bit as well. But if I had played with settings I'd have missed this beautiful view all together!

    Shot in a moving vehicle literally out the window.
    Edited in full pro LumaFusion.

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    Feb 3, 2016
    the pool
    Beautiful shots
    But holy **** that frame rate
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    This would make an amazing official macOS wallpaper. :)
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    I know.... the frame rate has me little upset after the fact! :( I had literally about 40 seconds to capture it with no notice. We rounded a corner in a fully wooded area which opened up to.... this!!! I just grabbed and swiped to video not thinking I'd want to edit and slow it down later.

    I read that some programs like Adobe premiere can extrapolate the missing frames and make it smoother. I don't have my MBP here in Kashmir though. It's home in Canada. I do have iPad Pro 12.9 with me... but have the same app lumafusion pro version.

    Anyway I highly recommend LumaFusion as it's nearly a full desktop video editor. Laid out the same way too!!
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    You should always keep the video set to highest quality unless you desperately run out of space. iOS makes it a pain to change settings on the run, so my default is always the highest quality.
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    Beautiful spot, but hard to watch in slow motion.

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