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    Jul 20, 2009
    Hello --

    I'm trying to duplicate another feature of Outlook that appears to be impossible. I have a domain name that is hosted by my regular Internet provider. Let's call it xyz.com. All mail that gets sent to anyone@xyz.com gets routed to one of my standard email accounts, let's say myName@myProvider.net.

    In Outlook, I can create several accounts that use the same logon info - myName@myProvider.net - but have different email addresses assigned to them. So from Outlook, I can send email that looks like it is from someone@xyz.com. When the person replies, they are replying to someone@xyz.com. So I have info@xyz.com and barbara@xyz.com and purchasing@xyz.com all as separate Outlook accounts. Any emails sent to any of those addresses gets routed to myName@myProvider.net. If I reply back, I just have to remember to set the From account to match the account the person originally replied to, and they never have to know that myName@myProvider.net exists.

    I tried to do this in Entourage but got an error that I was creating a duplicate account with the same id and pw (myName@myProvider.net).

    As a workaround, I tried changing the Reply-to field in a message I sent. That works, in that if someone replies to that message it goes to whoever@xyz.com, but in the From field of the original message they still see myName@myProvider.net.

    Is there any way to duplicate the Outlook functionality in Entourage? Please say yes!

    Thanks -- Barbara
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    Create an account for each of firstaccount@xyz.com, secondaccount@xyz.com, thirdaccount@xyz.com.

    Under "personal information" for each of them, enter in the name and email address as you want them to appear to recipients.

    Under "receiving mail" and "sending mail", use the account information for your myname@myprovider.net account. Also click on the "advanced sending options" button, select "SMTP server requires authentication", and then select "use same settings as receiving mail server".

    After you've done this, you'll be able to select which account appears in the From: line of your new emails. Your From: line will be a drop-down box. When you reply to a mail, Entourage will automatically select the one that it was sent to as the From:, but you can change that if you need to. So if someone sends a mail to firstaccount@xyz.com and you hit reply, firstaccount@xyz.com will be what shows up in the from: line, and you can change it to secondaccount@xyz.com if you want to.

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    Jul 20, 2009
    Oh I am such a dope. I was trying to do this in the generic Mail app, not Entourage. I use Mail for my personal stuff and Entourage for work stuff. I will also use Entourage for business stuff, since I can do it here and not in Mail. Sorry!

    -- Barbara

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