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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by icsedge1, Apr 23, 2006.

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    OK...I'm sure there is a very easy way to do this, but I'm just not finding it.

    When entering a calendar item in Entourage 2004, you are given Subject, Location, and the start/end times. So today I entered my softball games for the next two months. On the screen I type:

    Subject: Nautica Softball
    Location: Central Park North Meadow #4
    Start Time 7:00 PM
    End Time: 8:30 PM

    When you print the calendar by WEEK, it gives you the start time, Subject, and then Location. But I want to print the calendar by month, and it looks like this:

    7 PM Nautica Softball It does not print the location.

    How do I print a month calendar and get both Subject and Location to show up?


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    Sync it with your handheld or phone and the calendar will be with you always. Then you can look up the whole thing! :D

    I would think it has to do with space. When you print a month, the days are much smaller and can only print the Subject without more detail. Try printing on Landscape page mode to see if more data prints per item.

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