Entourage crashing, does this log tell why?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by fatire, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. fatire macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2010
    Hi forum members,
    I've been having increasing hard crash problems on my Mac and someone suggested looking at the system log immediately following the event. Well Entourage is certainly the culprit but can anyone experienced in reading these suggest why and what to do?
    Jan 15 14:15:59 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:23:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:28:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:33:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:38:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:43:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:48:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:53:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 14:58:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:03:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:08:56 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:13:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:15:35 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:19:11 MacBook-Pro-15 kernel[0]: AppleYukon200000000,00000001 sk98osx sky2 -  - sk98osx_sky2::replaceOrCopyPacket tried N times
    Jan 15 15
    :23:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:28:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:33:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:38:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:43:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:48:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:53:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 15:58:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:03:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:08:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:13:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:18:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:23:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:28:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:33:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:38:58 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:43:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:48:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:53:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
    Jan 15 16:58:57 MacBook-Pro-15 /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft Entourage.app/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Entourage[215]: Warningaccessing obsolete X509Anchors.
  2. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006
    Wrong log file. Look in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter
  3. fatire thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2010
    Hi thanks for ur answer. I just looked and there is no crash report for todays crash, which was a mouse freeze requiring a hard restart with the power button.
  4. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006
    Did you look in both ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter (in your home folder) and /Library/Logs/CrashReporter (on your Hard Drive)?
  5. fatire thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2010
    Yes, and I've had a bunch of crashes and these mysterious auto-restarts with no messages (the multi-language type). Not sure why they aren't being reported?
  6. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006
    Such crashes are called "kernel panics." You might find a panic.log in your Logs folders. (Or open Console in Utilities and look for a panic log).

    By any chance do you use a Logitech mouse? What OS are you using?
  7. fatire thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2010
    Yes I sure am using a logitech mouse, have been for a long time, but these do occur while mousing i think!

    System is 10.5.6

    I'll look for panic log now
  8. fatire thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 12, 2010
  9. LPZ macrumors 65816

    Jul 11, 2006
    It seems there have been many reports of kernel panics related to the LCC daemon. You might want to look at this.

    The problems seem focused on version 3.1 of LCC. Is that what you have?

    You might want to try a different mouse for a bit, and see if your system is more stable.

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