Entourage file size question?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Sly, Jul 25, 2007.

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    We have just had a company group email about archiving and deleting old mail out from Outlook, apparently if the .pst file goes over 2GB then it becomes unreadable and all is lost. As I (obviously) use a Mac, do I have to worry with Entourage, as its a MS program does it have the same limits as the PC version?
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    First off, Entourage 2004 archives have the extension .rge, not .pst. Outlook .pst archives are incompatible with Entourage. That said, many Entourage users have been vexed by spontaneous corruption of the app's working database. I have never heard anyone complain about corruption of .rge archives. Unfortunately, I have to use Entourage 2004 at work to get the most out of my firm's Exchange server with my Mac. The application sucks in ways that make the specifics of its suckiness irrelevant.
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    Yes, Entourage database files (depending on the version) CAN fail when they hit 2 Gb in size.

    Also, the files do not reclaim space automatically when you delete messages and attachments. You have to run a manual database rebuild to compact the databases (Either Option or Command held down as you open Entourage, can't remember which)

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