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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by msarway, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Dont kill me if i am in the wrong place but hear is my issue. I have office 2008 for MAC and i have alot of emails that i have stored in a pst file from my windows days. The questions i have are as follows.

    A- How do import the pst files to entourage 2008.
    B- How do i set up an archive so when i do a search on someone all there emails will come up.
    C- or can someone simplify what i need to do to archive my emails and have it accessible when i need to look up a topic.
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    The short answer is you can't directly import PST files.

    The Muppets from Seattle have left out the PST importer/exporter again (it's not available in 2004 either). There's two methods to work around this:

    1) Configure a Microsoft Exchange server (yep!), connect Outlook 2003 and dump the PST files into a public folder, then connect Entourage to the Exchange server and suck down the PST data. It acts as an Export as well. It would be nice if they provided a virtual machine for this, but as that would count as something useful, they don't.

    Or, if, like most people, you don't have access to an Exchange server or can't be bothered to configure one....

    2) Buy a third-party product that does the importing and exporting. There's a couple available (can't remember their names offhand) at about $20. Heard good things about them. Of course, one wonders, why couldn't the Muppets do it. As they don't do useful, they don't.

    Sorry if the tone of this post is rather off, but I've just discovered that PowerPoint 2008 has knackered an entire course I've written. More than 300 slides across several presentations with complex graphics, etc., have been completely hosed by opening it up in PowerPoint 2008. It seems to have messed up all the fonts and the default template so the editors can't use their tools.

    Now I'm faced with literally re-creating every single slide using PowerPoint 2003 or 2004.

    About the only thing in the whole of Office 2008 that seems to work is Entourage 2008. I'm about to remove the rest of the POS before it breaks anything else.:mad::mad::mad:

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