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    I had been using the entourage for web services (EWS) beta since about January when it stopped working. My hosted exchange provider lost all interest in supporting it and I needed to get back on line.

    So, I uninstalled the program and now have a "fresh" version of Entourage 2008 running without the web services beta. Because of exchange, I was able to recover all sent mail, contacts and calendar. However, I have about six months worth of mail that I had stored in LOCAL folders that are now in EWS format and cannot be opened or viewed. Apparently, the identity created with EWS is not compatible with "regular" Entourage 2008.

    Does anyone have a suggestion or help for me on getting these messages back? There are a large number of messages I really need but have no idea how to recover them. I know I should have archived or exported the messages before the restore, but that would have required me using my brain at 1:00 AM. I do have a full Time Machine backup, if that is any help in providing advice on this situation.

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    Entourage for Exchange Web Services has a bunch of improvements to the database, which is why your identity won't work with plain Entourage 2008.

    You could run the Entourage for Exchange Web Services beta to get your data out of it. It doesn't matter if it can't connect to your hosted Exchange account, it will still launch. Then you can get your data that's stored locally. In Entourage (this is true for any version), you can drag your folder from the folder list to the Finder. Entourage will create a .mbox file of that folder, which you can then import into any version of Entourage (or other mail clients).

    There are a few minor things that you should be aware of. If your folder has subfolders, you'll have to drag those out separately -- the .mbox file format doesn't handle subfolders. If you've got a lot of messages in your folder, there will be a bit of a lag when creating the .mbox file.

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