Entourage - multi users on account - how to apply rules/categories that are universal

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by glynis11, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Aug 4, 2010
    Hey everyone - I'm very new to Entourage. Personally I use GMail, but at work we just migrated from Novell to MS Exchange and I've decided to use Entourage instead of Mac Mail and iCal.

    LONG STORY SHORT: Is there a way to have categories show up for all users checking a group email account? Right now the categories a person applies are only showing up on their machine and not showing up for other people checking the same account from their own computers.


    I think my problem is actually two problems. Here is the situation. I have my own email account then we have a general department email that people send tour requests too. All three of us need to be able to check this account and apply categories to the emails that can be viewed by all the users.

    Right now I access the other inbox through "open another user's folder" then my folder and the general department inbox and calendar show up in the left column. I know there are two other options - delegating and switching identities. I'm not sure what the differences between these three are. Also, to switch identities requires me to close out and reopen Entourage - which is really a pain since we get multiple tour requests per day and want to answer them asap. I like how now the general department emails are visible to me as soon as they come in.

    However, I set up some rules for the general department emails. If we get a tour request from one of the groups I schedule it searches the message body for that group's keyword, applies the label "glynis11" and turns it teal. I was thrilled until I realized it only showed up on my computer.

    So my question is two fold - is there a way to make categories universal using the set up we're currently using (open another user's folder) - so I need the category I apply to the email to show up in real time with the other people who are looking at that inbox. I know I can set up the same rules on every one's computer, but if we need to manually add or change something we need that to change on all the computers.

    If it's not possible through the way we've set it up - is there another way we can set this up? It's crucial that we find a good system for organizing the emails. I have a low-tech back-up plan, but would LOVE to be able to take care of this using rules and categories.

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    Entourage 2008 does not support category sync with Exchange.

    If you're using Exchange 2007 or later, you can upgrade for free to Entourage for Web Services. Entourage for Web Services does support category sync with Exchange (as well as some other new features over Entourage 2008, including notes and tasks sync, not to mention faster performance).


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