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    This problem has been going on for some time, but when it started, it seemed to start somewhat out of the blue.

    I use Entourage 2008 for email, and while it's receiving mail, I can't do anything else in the program, like read the other emails already received, search, etc. Just have the spinning pinwheel

    It also takes an incredibly long time to receive messages. If I have 50-60 waiting to be received, it will take it an hour. Without exaggeration.

    Things I've tried:
    --Freeing up HD space (I now have 100GB free).
    --Doubling my RAM
    --Clearing out deleted items, junk, and sent items. There are about 10,000 messages total in all folders right now. Still too many?
    --Rebuilt the database, which did seem to speed up other actions, but did not help with the speed mail is received
    --Disabled Database Integrity Checking
    --Disabled Spotlight searching Entourage (both in Entourage preferences and system preferences)
    --Re-sorted the Address book by name
    --Confirmed only one Microsoft Daemon in startup
    --Disabled WYSIWYG font
    --Removed the font cache file
    --Completely empty Inbox

    Basically everything in this link: http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Slow_Entourage_and_Spinning_Beachball I've either done or is not applicable. With the exception of the last 3 items (15-17) because I can't figure out how to do those things... perhaps they're applicable only to 2004?
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    Entourage Question #2

    I am trying to create a rule to delete certain emails from my "deleted items" folder permanently. I sometimes need to retrieve an accidentally deleted email from that folder, so I don't want to use the built in function that empties it completely periodically. I tried creating a rule that said IF message contains x,y,z criteria and is in folder "Deleted Items" THEN Delete message. No dice. Is there something built into Entourage that I'm missing or can someone walk me through writing a script for it?
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    What type of account(s)? (POP, IMAP, Exchange)

    What size if your database?

    Do you have folders with more than 2GB of data? That's approx 10K messages.

    If you run this script, does it get all your folders?

    You can download and run this script on your Entourage Identity.

    Export folders as MBOX files (includes subfolders)

    The script will fail on a folder with corruption or a folder that's over 2GB in size. If there is no corruption the script will export all folders. Once you find corrupted folder, rename it with z in front of the name so it sorts at the bottom then run the script again. Keep repeating until you have identified all corrupt folders. Once you have identified corruption, you can subdivide folders and keep running script until you get down to 25 messages. Then you drag individual messages to the Desktop. A corrupt message will crash Entourage. After you clean all folders and reduce the size of the Inbox and Sent folders, do the File > Export as .rge file and you should get "Done". You can use this file to import into a new Identity.

    Rebuilding can actually make things worse. rebuilding multiple times is not going to fix your issue. If the first rebuild did not fix, then move to a new Identity.

    Using your Deleted Items folder as an archive folder is not recommended. If it's something you want to keep move it to the archive folder. Otherwise nuke messages that you are absolutely sure you never want again and run a schedule on Deleted Items folder to delete all messages over xx days old once a week.

    Nuke Message script. http://www.office.mvps.org/downloads/scripts/Nuke.zip

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