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    Jun 6, 2010
    Hi, my Iphone was running, not the latest firmware, but the next to newest. what is it 3.0? I'd tell you for sure, but my iphone crashed and i cant see it anymore haha. but it was Jailbroken with Blackrain. ever since i got it i've had trouble with either it crashing or the apps crashing after i perform a sync. usually all i have to do is redownload an app and it fixes itself.

    so. i synced some music to it the other day, and the routine app crashes never happened so ive been going along as normal. i wake up this morning and it has crashed to the recovery mode screen. so i open up itunes and plug it in. itunes dosen't recognize it. i try all the ports on my pc. nothing. restart itunes. nothing. reboot iphone. nothing. reset iphone. nothing. so im browsing for answers online when itunes pops up and says "Has detected a phone in recovery mode, you must download and install newest firmware before preforming a reset" or whatever. so i click ok. it starts downloading. after about 10 min i notice that the iphone has switched from recovery mode to the apple logo then back again and itunes disconnects from it and stops downloading the update. the phone is still in recovery mode and itunes wont recognize it. so i fiddle with it some more try a reset (home, lock) the thing shuts off. now it wont turn on AT ALL and itunes still wont recognize it.

    any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    Ok. i finally got itunes to recognize it again. i dont know how but it did. so i downloaded the new firmware and hit restore. it went through a few processes, then the screen turned back on. it went to the apple logo, then a loading bar popped up underneath it. it stayed like that for awhile then the restore quit with an unknown error and now im back to the recovery mode screen and itunes wont recognize it.
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    Jun 6, 2010
    Well i dont know how i did it but i got it back to normal. after 12 hours of trying. i've learned my lesson about jailbreaking. haha.

    Mods please close thread Thanks :D

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