Epson 1290 and Imac G5 compatability HELP!!


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May 29, 2006
OK I really need help with this - I have a new imac G5 which I want to use with my Epson 1290 Stylus Photo A3 printer but I can't get the printer to work as it should. It's an old machine compaired to the Mac so I have downloaded a new driver from Epson. This works to the point that the G5 know's what printer I want to use but a simple task like eg. printing a 7x5 colour print is impossible ... I get half a picture and the colours look like they've taken LSD. I used to run the printer with a G4 400 and it was fantastic but now I really am stuck .. I have emailed Epson UK and waiting for help from them but has anyone else had this problem with compatability???? or does anyone have an answer?




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Sep 4, 2005
2 things worked for me with 2 Epson printers recently:

1. Make sure if its a USB 1 printer, your using a USB 1 printer. (I mistakenly used an old USB 1.0 cable with my new printers)
2. When adding a new printer, in the drop-down box in the Printer Setup Util. make sure it is searching for printers connected via 'Epson USB' and not just Epson.

Hope that helps :)