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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by homeshire, Sep 12, 2005.

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    I have a nearly 3 yr. old Epson stylus photo 820. A while ago, i printed nearly 50 pgs. of pdf text with it. It did so without issue. Immediately afterward, I tried printing something (I forget what), and it spit a blank page at me. It has spit nothing but blank pages at me since. I have put new cartridges in it and still nothing but blank pages. Color, black and white -- text or graphic, it doesn't matter. I am lost. Anyone in the community have a solution, or at least an idea? Further info, I print wirelessly over an airport express. Also, pages are blank coming either from my iMac or my wife's iBook. It does not make a difference if I disconnect and bring it up and wire it to the iMac and run print utility; still just blank pages. Thanks for any ideas.
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    It is most likely broke. Average life of printer is 2-3 years. Considering it is an Epson and lasted that long consider yourself lucky as i see tons of them turned in for service every weekend where i work. I would suggest just getting a new printer. If you have unopened ink left for that model you can usually return it to a staples or office depot without receipt and get store credit for new inks. In any case i hope it starts working again so you dont need to replace it.
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