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    Dec 19, 2009
    I am a new iMac owner (with Snow Leopard) & this is my first post here at MacRumors.

    . . . I installed MS Word for Mac and cannot figure out how to find the printer settings for my Epson R1900. I was able to print, but it took a long time and probably used the settings for glossy paper . . . I think so because the paper was very damp when it came from the printer and definitely took way too long to print a US letter size paper. :( I would print on plain paper setting with draft quality when using my old PC.

    I want to print a table created in Word on plain copy paper in draft quality.

    Any help for my problem?
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    Jul 17, 2002
    Wow! Control of your printer from within an application like Word is done via two menu items, the File/Print Setup... and the File/Print... selections.

    I don't have your model printer. There may therefore be some differences between what I write here and your specific setup. This is to help you find where to look. Under the File menu:

    Print Setup...

    This selection's major purpose is to select your paper, its orientation, and the scale of the print. When you select this menu item, you will see a dialog box with three popup menus, Setttings:, Format for:, and Paper Size:. Below these, you will see three button to select your page orientation. At the bottom, you will see the Scale: data entry box.
    • Settings:—Change Page Attributes to Microsoft Word. The most useful control here is the Margins... button.
    • Format for:—You may optionally change Any Printer to your specific model via the popup menu. If you do, then your document will be optimized for your specific model printer. This is strictly optional and is not required.
    • Paper Size:—You may choose any available paper size from the popup menu or you may create your own custom paper size via the Manage Custom Sizes... at the end of the list.


    Here there are many more options. You have three major popup menus:
    • Printer:—Your printer should be selected.
    • Presets:—The default is Standard. If you have created a preset, then you may use your custom preset.
    • Copies & Pages is the default selection of the unlabeled popup. Here you select your number of copies and the range of pages that you want to print.
    Click this menu and you will see other selections. Toward the bottom of the list is Microsoft Word. Oddly enough, you may select this one. You will find that it may not do much for you. Look at:
    • Image Quality—The first selection here is the Print Quality: popup menu. Explore this popup for your available options.
    • Printer Features—The first popup menu here is Paper Types:.
    Hopefully, you can now take the information that you have been given and use it to optimize your printer output to your satisfaction.

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