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    Ok Here is my problem. When I add new equations to my text the equations are coming up as if they were superscripted (they are not). I attached a jpg of the problem I am having. Any ideas???? Thanks!!


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    Surely there are better, more applicable sites to join to ask for this kind of help?

    One of the more interesting first posts I've seen around here.
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    Here's the problem. Whether they like it or not, Equation Editor just works for just about everyone who uses it. Even though many users will preach to you of the glories of LaTeX and of the clumsiness of Equation Editor, no one will complain that Equation Editor does not do what it was designed to do. You may very well have a real problem. However, you have given not a hint of the cause of either the cause or the nature of the problem. Posting an image of something that you claim is incorrect is not helpful. One is strongly tempted to dismiss your problems as a symptom of the fact that you don't know how to use Equation Editor.

    You have a choice. You may continue this thread with us trying to figure out what you are asking and you trying to convince us that you really do know what you are doing. Quite frankly, I think this is a gross waste of time.

    At very least, post a scan of a sample set of your equations so that we will at least know what they are supposed to look like. My best advice, however, it to prevail upon a fellow grad student who is proficient with Equation Editor to help you in person.

    Update: Upon closer examination of your post above, it occurs to me that you are trying to use a pile driver to squash a termite:
    • Type "Qi." Italicize the combination and then subscript the i.
    • Insert Symbol. Choose the "chi" from the symbol palette.
    Long story short--you don't need Equation Editor for anything that you posted here. If standard formatting with produce the output that you need, then you should use standard formatting. Use Equation Editor to edit equations and multi-level expressions.

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