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    Hi everyone!

    I just started to study civil engineer at the university. All my professors upload their keynotes before the lectures, so that you can add notes to the pdf-files. I've done it so far using the Preview app on the mac, but i don't know how to add equations. Do any of you have any ideas how to do it? eventually using math type or maple?
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    There is no equation editor for PDF files. If your PDFs are just formatted regular text, then you may convert them to Word after which you may used Word's bundled Equation Editor.

    FWIW, it is recommended that you rewrite class notes. If you rewrite them in Word, Pages, or another editor accepts equations, then you may add your equations then.

    Other options include installing MacTeX. You may then use TeXShop, TeXStudio, or LyX to rewrite your notes and to annotate them with the equations that you want.
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    Use Latex

    Use Latex, it might be a little learning in the beginning but you will be glad in the long term. For serious science / math writing knowing Latex is a great advantage.

    There are many tutorials available on the internet to help you start with Latex. Look at examples / samples. Try out a few packages and then decide which one you like. Something which has integrated rendering / compiling is nice.

    As I said, it is a little learning, half a day is more than sufficient to get started. Latex very very efficient once you understand how it works. I would stay away from Word or similar world processing options.

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