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    Jul 4, 2013
    Recently, my brother-in-law took his iPhone 4 for a 30 minute swim in the pool. The iPhone couldn't swim and was very unhappy about the water. It was dead.
    He was due for an upgrade and picked out a new iPhone 5 which he restored with iCloud.
    I currently use a "dumb" phone and he gave the wet phone to me and said "good luck." I took the phone home and put it in a Tupperware box full of rice and forgot about it for 7 days. Yesterday I took the phone out of the box. plugged it into my wife's iPhone charger, and the phone came to life. No sign of moisture on the screen, and seems to be working. The phone indicates that NO SERVICE in the upper left hand corner, and that there is NO sim card installed (although I know there is one in there, but it plays games and music, goes to my wireless internet, and seems to work. However, after charging all night I noticed that the battery would only hold a 14% charge.
    I told my brother in law that I would remove all of his personal data from the phone, including his phone numbers, contacts, emails, pictures, and anything else that might be personal to him, etc.
    How do I remove his stuff but leave the games and music alone? In about a month I may pick up a different AT&T data plan for the phone if it keeps working and get rid of my inexpensive data plan used on my "dumb" phone.
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    You'd have to go into the settings and turn off iMessages, FaceTime, delete iCloud, all email accounts and so on.

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