Erase vs Restore iPhone 3G to be gifted

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    Hi all,

    I've looked high and low and I can't seem to find a straight answer to my question. I am planning on picking up my new iPhone 4 from the FedEx sorting facility on my way home from work. My girlfriend has been dying to get my old iPhone 3G. We're planning on joining lines into a family plan so I was just planning on taking both the new iPhone 4 and my old 3G into the AT&T store to get all that crap set up.

    Now, I want to give her a "virgin" 3G. It's also running iPhone OS 3.0.1 so as to use the benm tethering hack. What happens after I do a Erase all content and settings? Will I have to then restore it using a downloaded 3.0.1 firmware image or will it basically boot back up to a fresh image of 3.0.1?

    Or should I simply take both phones as is into the AT&T store, the folks there swap out SIM cards and activate it, then when we get home, we can do the erase/restore dance?

    Please advise as if I need to do the erase before hand, I'd like to get that started around 3 PM since it can take a while.

    Many thanks!
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    This is helpful. However, I'm more concerned with what is the easiest path here... From what I can ascertain from AT&T, the best option is to just Erase all content and settings, then when the phone reboots and asks to be connected to iTunes, give it to the family member. Then they can take the appropriate steps through their iTunes to get it activated.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

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