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Sep 4, 2006
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can anyone tell my why apple doesn't make a more ergonomic right handed, and left handed, mouse? Am I missing something? I love the mighty mouse, but I really would love something that felt better (and was better for) my hand.


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Feb 28, 2006
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Apple mice really do not form to the human hand at all. But it hurts my hand less to use it than others...

Last year I was using a nice Logitech mouse, I loved it, I had a button for expose, dashboard, safari functions, and I was able to use functions of OSX much more efficiently than before. It also fit my hand very well.

Soon I developed pain in my right hand/wrist/forearm. All that functionality led me to overuse my right hand, and I looked at using trackballs, couldnt get used to it and didn't help stop the pain. (Flicking of the wrists to move the ball didn't help). I finally ended up getting a cheap wacom tablet and using the pen until the pain went away. Now I alternate between that and my apple pro mouse (non mighty).

I find that, although it is unergonomic and only has one button, it hurts my hand less. That is because it forces me to use more keyboard shortcuts, quicksilver actions, and sometimes even voice commands, and my actions are evenly distributed through different methods of input rather than clicking away.

Just some thoughts...

Oh and if you do really want an ergonomic solution, a wacom tablet works wonders (after the learning curve). You can also get this ergonomic mouse (the only truly ergonomic one, since the hand is in the natural sideways position like holding a joystick) by 3M.

I didn't get the 3M because it wouldn't work with my desk placement (doesn't fit in the keyboard/mouse tray.


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Sep 4, 2006
get the Razer pro 1.6 its ambidextrous and you control the acceleartion with its own utility and its a treat much better than any overpriced logitech

you can find on the web for around $40 or get it from apple for $60


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Oct 17, 2006
Lubbock, TX
I have wrist problems from years of drumming, so I feel your pain with the mighty mouse. In a effort to still be able to do my job and not be popping pills like an addict, I found the logitech G5 on newegg on sale a few weeks ago. I LOVE that mouse, it has adjustable weights (which is more of a gaming thing, which I don't do, but i like being able to customize the mouse), it has adjustable resolution and it fits my hand perfectly! I would try it out if I was you.

Also, the new issue of MacWorld has an article about ergonomics and your computer, and it suggests a couple really cool new peripherals.

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May 14, 2006
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One of my teachers are using a big wrist stand underneath his keyboard and in the middle of it there is a big bar that can roll vertical and be pushed and pulled horizontal. It works like a trackpad but is much quicker. Does anybody know how or where to get such a thing?

I would love such a thing for anything not requiring precise movement with my mouse and then combine it with an ultraflat keyboard.
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