Error 1309 when transferring files between hdd's

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by javabear90, Dec 6, 2005.

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    So.. I just got a new 300 gig external hdd for $70. It is pretty sweet. I formated it with fat32 so I could transfer files quickly between my Mac and PC. I began to transfer my files from my old 250 gig drive. When it would come across an especially large file, over 4 gigs, it would stop and give me error -1309. What gives? I suspect it may be a problem with the fat32 however I don't know. I might have to reformat it for mac only, but I really don't want to do that since I have a USB and fw800 drive. Does ntfs work for Mac? Or is there any other format that works well and supports large files? ug.. what to do.
    Thanks guys
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    Max file size for FAT32 formatted drives is 4GB.

    If you're willing to pay €49, you could buy MacDrive and install on the Windows PC. This will let you format the drive in HFS+ (OS X format) and still access it in Windows.

    Another solution could be to use the most common Linux file system, ext2. Drivers for ext2 exists both for Windows (here) and Mac OS X (here).
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    Repairing 1309 errors on mac external drives

    Just worked out that the problem on 1309 errors is the FAT32 setting. Curing it. Connect the drive you want to transfer to your desktop, so you can see it. Go to Utilities in your desktop or laptop drive, then open the disk utility folder, then hit Erase on the top panel and on the left you will see your drive come up. There will be 2 versions. A main one showing the disc size and an indented one showing the drive name. Click on the top one with the disc size on it. Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) on Volume Format, name the drive again and hit Erase on the bottom panel (be aware that this reformats the lot, so anything below 4GB back up somewhere else for a moment). Only tick the OS9 box if you need it running on an old mac, otherwise leave it unchecked. After a few seconds your drive should be reformatted for MAC. Give it a few seconds and then load on files over 4GB. It should work, it has for me. Good luck!
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    I've had the same problem as the OP on a 8GB thumb drive. Is it safe to do the procedure you describe on a thumb drive? Should I use the Erase or Erase Free Space option in Disk Utility? (The drive is empty at the moment) Also, will it lose or gain space when reformatted?

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