Error 3014 on 4S

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    Sep 30, 2014
    While updating to 9.3 the phone got unresponsive. Last thing I saw was the apple logo advancing almost to the end and then nothing. Now it won't turn on. Tried to do DFU and during restoring firmware came back with error 3014. Tried on Mac book air, same response.
    Any rips really appreciated.
    Phone was on 8.3
    Not JB
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    Sep 30, 2014
    Tried on my pc. Different internet connection, different cable, same story. It's hardware then.
    Phone has never been opened even the battery is still the original.
    Will take it to Apple tomorrow.
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    Sep 30, 2014
    Final update -in case a pundit gets inspired.
    The phone, albeit a total brick, is recognized by both computer and iTunes. Can be restored to factory settings and when you're on the Summary page, everything is displayed properly with the correct phone number, serial number, iOS 9.3 and some 27 GB free of space (it's the 32GB model).
    You can go on and sync fm the iTunes music, apps, etc if you want.
    The phone however is still a black brick.
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    Sep 30, 2014
    To all of you dying to find out what happened next, here goes:
    Apple offered a replacement 4S for 250 USD. But what they actually said was that I should get rid of the phone. Taking that into account and considering that my daughter had been with that phone since launch day, I knew she deserved much better.
    So I took her to the next shop and bought her a brand new Samsung Note 5 -as per her request.
    And that was before I read for the new Apple fiasco with the 9.3 update. Not that it would have changed anything.

    The End
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    Wow that's frustrating!

    Different issue than the 9.3 activation issue though.


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