Error 403 accessing G5 X-serve after last security update

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Sparky's, Jun 9, 2007.

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Set up is; G5 X-serve running OS 10.4.x Tiger. Last week "Security Upgrade 2007-005" came floating around and got installed on the server, then was re-booted. Ever since then our web site and a few others we host are not accessible anymore due to an error 403 message:
    here's the actual web URL:

    I don't have admin access to the server but my boss would like me to research the problem and see what I can discover.

    I already went through the "Repair Permissions" routine but there are so many drives and so many folders involved I'm not sure if it was done correctly.

    Some say it may be a DNS issue, but since I don't have hands on access I'm kind of stuck for a solution, as I'm reaching out for what doesn't exist - a simple solution :rolleyes:

    Any Ideas? I have the weekend to ponder this and will be back on the server come monday morning (EST) so I would appreciate any kind of questions as to the set up procedures etc.

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    Thanks, I printed that out and gave it to the boss on Friday. He said "been there, done that" :(

    sorry I should look before I speak, this one he hasn't seen, I'll bookmark it and check it out monday.

    In the meantime any other input would help. I know there are a lot more X-serve admins out there.
    Thanks again

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