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    Hi everyone,

    My granddad has a mid 2015 15" rMPB and text me last night saying that he is having trouble with safari.

    I'm popping round to his house tonight so will take a look, but in the meantime thought I'd get some advice on here.

    Every time he opens safari he is greeted with an error 404 page rather than the usual page of frequently visited pages and bookmarks etc. If he types a website address into the bar, he can use the website a couple of minutes but then it keeps reverting back to the 404 page. But before it reverts back to that page, he keeps getting pop-ups for 'advanced mac cleaner'.

    He opens a lot of links on facebook etc so maybe he's managed to open a dodgy one?

    Any idea what I can do? Surely not every website can revert to a 404 page?
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    And here is the advanced mac cleaner pop up.

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