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    So I know a lot of people have had this Error before, the 8364, its something thats very annoying, and more then a few people have posted in Apple Discussions.

    I got ahold of a iTunes support lady by the name of Leah.

    I explained that about 200 of my songs won't download through iTunes Match, or through the Purchased Menu in itunes. It won't work on either OSX or iOS,
    I got her a list and a screenshot of the error and I get THIS response.

    So this means that Apple is willing to allow me to redownload some of my songs? To put this in perspective 200 songs, lets say 99cents a song? Thats 200 dollars in music. I have been a customer of iTunes since 2006, and have bought more music then I am willing to admit. Seems like they should be able to do something about this.
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    Jun 4, 2013
    possible solution

    Did you get this figured out?

    I have had this problem for so long for a chunk of my library. I found a solution today... Delete all the affected songs from the cloud (every one of mine that were affected were 128 kbps so searching by bitrate and type sufficed -- I can't take credit for the idea, but I can't find the page I found the solution on either :/)... Then go to the iTunes store, and to the purchased link on the right. If you go to not on my computer it'll list them. Hit download and you're golden.

    This worked for me but it seems pretty glitchy. I'd not recommend doing more than a couple songs at a time in case something goes bad.

    The "instructions" I found involved turning itunes match off, then deleting, then turning it back on, etc etc... I skipped all that because I have a large library. Fortunately just removing from the cloud and then re-downloading from iTunes store sufficed.


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