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    I don't know how successful people have been in general with booting windows to external drives or if it's even possible with Windows 8, but I gave it a shot anyways using the simple directions in this thread:

    I'm on a MBP Retina and using a 1TB Seagate Goflex Thunderbolt drive like what was used in that thread and I got through the clone and it seemed to go through the copy of the system to the new drive without a problem but when I go to boot up I just get a blue screen saying it needs to be repaired and specifically:

    "your pc needs to be repaired the application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors: file:\WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe error code: 0xc0000225"

    If it isn't possible to make this work yet I understand I just wanted to ask to make sure before I gave it up, (especially since I can't seem to even boot into my original windows 8 bootcamp anymore.

    When I go into disk utility I see my original windows bootcamp drive that says 83.79 GB is being used. Then there is the new, just formatted external drive that I was trying to copy to and it says that 83.81 GB is being used (not sure what the extra .02 is :p ) but it isn't bootable and somehow messed up my original bootcamp boot as well...

    anyways a lot of confusion there probably, but if anyone has any ideas and is willing to walk me through it I'd appreciate it. thanks

    P.S. Just in case it's asked and relevant, yes I am using a valid copy of windows 8 with a working key number :)
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    Even a way to reformat the external drive so I can start over would be acceptable at this point, although I'd really rather not and especially not the internal os x hard drive. All it does is boot into that screen. I can't access recovery or my boot loader. I thought out trying to attach my external hard drive to a different computer so I could try to format it from there, but the drive is only accessible via thunderbolt and I don't have access to any other computer with this capability.

    EDIT: I was able to get into os x recovery and reformat the external drive and boot into os x again, so that is fixed, but if anyone else has had experience with this I'd appreciate some insight in how to avoid this in the future. thanks :)

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