error: cookie monster is chewing the cable


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Nov 27, 2011

I'm a little freaked out by the message I saw yesterday when I tried to eject my HTC Desire from my macbook.

"error: cookie monster is chewing the cable"

Should I be?

I searched on Google for that error message and the only thing I could see was a reference to it in the hackers dictionary....., though there was seemingly very little info on that error message at all.

I've never had any probs with this mac before. Then today when the battery was running low it made this loud beeping sound ive never heard before, not a high pitched sound bur a loud low pitched noise - the only way i could stop it was to take the battery out. i then turned it back on and it was fine. then the next time it was low on battery it made the same noise.

Thanks in advance for any help. Im quite concerned about that strange error message and dont know what i should do about it.

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