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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Maxq333, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Maxq333 macrumors newbie

    Jul 10, 2008
    My computer has been freezing for a while now, but today I got an error message which said "You need to restart your computer". When I logged in I got an error message which said "Mac OSX quit unexpectadly"
    Anyone know how to fix this?
    I've had it since 2006 and it's worked fine up until a couple of months ago

    Tue Jun 2 19:26:56 2009
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0x001A9C68): Kernel trap at 0x0105607e, type 0=divide error, registers:
    CR0: 0x80010033, CR2: 0x16091000, CR3: 0x01487000, CR4: 0x00000660
    EAX: 0x00000000, EBX: 0x00000000, ECX: 0x00000000, EDX: 0x00000000
    CR2: 0x16091000, EBP: 0x216aa988, ESI: 0x1314f000, EDI: 0x1314f000
    EFL: 0x00010246, EIP: 0x0105607e, CS: 0x00000008, DS: 0x01f70010
    Error code: 0x00000000

    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
    0x216aa678 : 0x12b4f3 (0x45b13c 0x216aa6ac 0x1335e4 0x0)
    0x216aa6c8 : 0x1a9c68 (0x464700 0x105607e 0x0 0x463de0)
    0x216aa7a8 : 0x1a038d (0x216aa7c0 0x0 0x216aa988 0x105607e)
    0x216aa7b8 : 0x105607e (0xe 0x48 0x216a0010 0x1f60010)
    0x216aa988 : 0x1007d1e (0x1314f000 0x301 0x31b 0x1005e5c)
    0x216aaaf8 : 0x1008175 (0x1314f000 0x0 0x0 0x0)
    0x216aab28 : 0x43e3d6 (0x1314f000 0x0 0x0 0x4cded88)
    0x216aab78 : 0x43f381 (0x1062858 0x1314f000 0x4cded74 0x2)
    0x216aabd8 : 0x43cfb4 (0x1314f000 0x9 0x216aac20 0x0)
    0x216aacf8 : 0x18e4eb (0x1314f000 0x9 0x4cded74 0x2)
    0x216abdb8 : 0x12d506 (0x4cded4c 0x4cf05a0 0x0 0x0)
    0x216abdf8 : 0x126609 (0x4cded00 0x0 0x78 0x216abee4)
    0x216abf08 : 0x198153 (0x216abf44 0x0 0x0 0x0)
    0x216abfc8 : 0x1a0977 (0x38b80a0 0x0 0x1a30b5 0x4367000)
    No mapping exists for frame pointer
    Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xbffedfe8
    Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):>0x1072fff

    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer

    Mac OS version:

    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 9.6.0: Mon Nov 24 17:37:00 PST 2008; root:xnu-1228.9.59~1/RELEASE_I386
    System model name: iMac6,1 (Mac-F4218FC8)
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    Jul 21, 2007
    i used to get a few kernel panics on my old eMac. I just did an archive and install of OS X and that cleaned up everything.
  3. Eidorian macrumors Penryn


    Mar 23, 2005

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