Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by yaniv92648, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. yaniv92648 macrumors member

    Oct 26, 2009
    i have an error i can't figure out..

    /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulator3.0.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/Headers/UIViewController.h:23: error: 'NSHashTable' redeclared as different kind of symbol

    i'm desperate.. anyone..?
    Thank u!
  2. PhoneyDeveloper macrumors 68040


    Sep 2, 2008
    Do you use NSHashTable somewhere in your code? There is a forward declaration of that class on the line mentioned in the error.

    If not then you are probably including some header file that declares NSHashTable in some incompatible manner. Maybe in a third-party library that you're using.

    If none of that makes any sense to you then you may be able to use the Build > Preprocess menu item to figure out where the incompatible declaration comes from.

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