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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tom., Aug 23, 2016.

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    Looking for some advice based on your experience dealing with Apple support. I'm currently dealing with a senior advisor and not getting the result I want. Here is the chain of events:
    • Purchased iPhone 6 on release day
    • Smashed screen last month
    • Paid for repair, phone is returned to me with a fault (phone gives electric shocks when charging from the Touch ID)
    • Talk with Apple over the phone who spend 2 days escalating to engineering and decide the phone must be replaced under the repair warranty
    • Phone is replaced with a refurb/grey box phone. Replacement has a fault with the Touch Screen - can't scroll, registering phantom taps
    • Phone is replaced again with another return/grey box phone. Replacement has a fault with the audio - crackling, skipping, popping, hissing.
    I have been through hours of phone calls, appointments, trouble shooting (for obvious hardware issues). I am asking for a retail boxes phone (same spec) to be sent to me so I don't have to waste time at the store AGAIN. I have zero trust the grey box replacements are anything but full of dodgy parts.

    Has anyone successfully managed to achieve anything like this? Did it require escalation beyond senior advisor? Is that even possible?

    I don't think I'm being unreasonable, but they have totally wasted hours of my time, for a simple screen repair.

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    You are honestly just getting bad luck. White box replacement devices are usually much better and more reliable than new retail boxed units. Each one goes through thorough testing before being shipped out. I have never had a problem with a white box unit, but have had over two dozen problems with brand new boxed units.

    With that being said, they won't send you a new boxed unit. You will continue to get white box replacement units until you find one you are happy with. My advice is go to the Apple Store, make an appointment. When they hand you a replacement phone, thorough inspect it, test it, use it before you sign off. If you notice any problems, ask for a different one. Keep doing this until you are happy. You might need to get a manager involved.

    There is really no one passed Senior Adviser unless you deal with managers in the store. As for anyone being able to achieve this? No, I have not heard anyone able to achieve getting a brand new boxed unit almost 2 years after purchasing the device, or even within one year for that matter. Apple will potentially do it if its within 30 days, but thats pushing it.
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    I had a problem with a 6 Plus the screen had problems, send it to Apple via mail, the new phone got blinking screens.
    I email them,i told them i paid full price for a phone i should not be getting problems... you guys send me a new phone without testing it first. They send me another phone and they give me a extra year of AppleCare.

    Keep trying a Senior Adviser from USA personally email me apologizing and help me in everything.

    They are getting hit by a Lawsuit for replacing devices with refurbished units under AppleCare+ let's hope they can change that tactic soon.
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    I highly, highly doubt that lawsuit is going anywhere. The terms and conditions in which people agree to specifically state "replacement at equal value". No one can tell the difference between a remanufactured model and a new model. They are completely identical on the outside and it does not hurt resale value when selling it.
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    You will never ever get a retail unit. I've spoke to several senior advisors and they say they've been asked that before and always give them the same answer, you will continually get white box if you are not satisfied with the replacement. They say they simply put in for your replacement and whoever is at the local facility that distributes them just sends them out and that's it. I mean that's still above and beyond service as far as I'm concerned to replace a phone as many times until you are satisfied. And that lawsuit will change nothing, hopefully it doesn't make apple stricter with replacements and repair for the few that aren't satisfied with this very fair practice I believe.
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    This is absolutely not true. I've also had terrible luck with the white box replacements, and escalating to customer relations will give you your desired result and potentially even more. I'm not going to say much more than that, but give them a call and see what they're willing to do. Hopefully it works out as favorably for you as it did for me!

    call 408-996-1010 and ask for customer relations.

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