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Jul 16, 2010

I am on iOS12.1 and I can in principle use the eSIM but it seems that carriers, at least t-mobile, are unable yet to support that, I have been able to get my info switch from the physical SIM to the eSIM using the EID of my iphone but the problems comes to add the plan, the tech guy I was talking to did not know how to give me the "SM-DP+address" or the "activation code".

Anybody has been able to successfully activate the eSIM?


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Dec 26, 2007
But hardly any carriers do iPad eSims. Marketing this as a dual Sim phone before ALL carriers (not just US) are on board is bordering on false advertising.


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Dec 30, 2009
Carriers haven't pushed it live yet.

There will be much more information and it will be less hard to find once it goes live.

It was stated in the keynote that carriers would be implementing eSim throughout the fall and some into next year.

It is not false advertising when they tell you the information prior to launch during a presentation as well as list it on the phones website with additional information.
  1. eSIM will be available later this year through a software update. Use of eSIM requires a wireless service plan (which may include restrictions on switching service providers and roaming, even after contract expiration). Not all carriers support eSIM. Use of eSIM in iPhone may be disabled when purchased from some carriers. See your carrier for details. To learn more, visit


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Aug 12, 2017
I am already on 12.1 B4 but no option of Cellular in setting. Is it made active based on region? But, if it is part of OS, option should be visible. I am in India and using AirTel network


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Aug 12, 2017
Yesterday, I changed physical SIM to eSIM on AirTel network in India. Process was so smooth and automated. Within couple of minutes, I got OCR code and within 2 hrs, eSIM got activated. Now, I am on two networks Jio & Airtel and enjoying both network's benefits.
I never expected process of eSIM shifting will be so smooth and error free. I appreciate Airtel network for error free process.
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