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    ESPN Offering Angry Radio App Customers Full Refunds

    BY Bryan M. Wolfe on Thu September 06th, 2012 espn espn radio freemium apps

    [ESPN Offering Angry Radio App Customers Full Refunds]

    ESPN is offering those who purchased the new ESPN Radio app a full refund. This is a result of some confusion about the app, which launched earlier this year as a replacement for a previously released app with the same title.

    In an open letter to ESPN Radio app users, the Disney-owned company announced a refund policy for those who purchased the app on or after May 15, 2012. To get your $4.99 refund, you must fill-out an email or mail-in form before Sept. 30.

    The original ESPN Radio app, which sold for $2.99, was retired at the end of August. This upset many users who, as a result, had to fork over $4.99 to keep streaming ESPN radio.

    As an added bonus, the current ESPN Radio app is available for free through the end of the year. Beginning Jan. 1, the app will become a paid product to anyone who hasn’t already downloaded it prior to that date.

    ESPN’s decision was the correct one and suggests that developers who try to rerelease what is essentially the same app for more money, should think otherwise.

    What are you waiting for? Download the ESPN Radio app today in the App Store.

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