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  1. buddy45va macrumors newbie

    Jul 20, 2010
    Hello. I guess my question is directed to anyone who has the ESPN Score Center App. I had this on my ipad2, and never had an issue with it. I downloaded it for the new ipad, and for some reason I cannot get the alerts to work correctly. To be specific, there are "alerts" you can set for your favorite sports team(s) to include such things as game start, score during game, and final score..etc. When I set the alerts for start of game, and final score, the final score alert is not "saved" I have gone back several times, changing it to "on" for final score, but it will not save it. Also, out of curiosity, I turned off the alert for start of game, and it "magically" turns back on. I have done all the obvious stuff, well at least to me :eek:) Deleted the app, reinstalled it, deleted fav teams, but them back, and nothing seems to work. I guess my confusion is why it worked on the ipad2, but not the new one, for me anyway. I do apologize for this being so long, and would appreciate any help, or advice. Thank you.
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    Jun 4, 2012
    I was actually just using the app a few minutes ago to get some scores.

    So did you try clearing the 'mysports' 'myteams' and 'myalerts'? Then maybe delete the app and redownload it?
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    Jul 20, 2010
    I had tried that several days a go. I just now tried your suggestion, but still the same problems with alerts. I tap to turn on final score, click done, then go back to find the alert is off. Also the alert for game start. I turn that off, tap done, and when I go back it is on.. I did find this after doing some more research....

    Under the header..."alert problems"

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