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Apr 12, 2001

ESPN today announced a redesign of its Apple TV app that brings live streaming auto-play and ESPN Video On Demand to Apple's fourth-generation set-top box. In addition, the app has been rebranded from WatchESPN to simply "the ESPN app."

With live streaming auto-play, users will be able to jump right into the network's stream of sports content with a live video playing immediately when authenticated users launch the app. The new Video On Demand feature will stockpile a collection of user-specific, curated videos that can be browsed and watched at any time, including content from World Series of Poker, X Games, Outside the Lines, and more.


[*]Live Streaming Auto-Play: Upon launching the app, a live stream of one of ESPN's networks will now automatically play for authenticated users.

[*]ESPN Video On Demand: A new collection of curated on-demand videos including hundreds of hours of additional content from 30 for 30, E:60, Outside the Lines, SC Featured, World Series of Poker, X Games and more.

[*]Sleeker, Simpler User Interface: In addition to visual graphic enhancements to Featured content, users can also browse videos by Sports & Events or Channels.
All of the new features are housed in a new UI that boasts "graphic enhancements" to the app's featured content, as well as tweaks to the way videos can be browsed, including search by sport, event, or channel.
"From replays to full episodes of on-demand content prior to their telecast premieres, ESPN's tvOS app is now so much more than our live streaming networks," said Ryan Spoon, senior vice president of digital product, design and audience development, ESPN. "With this latest update, authenticated users now have the full benefit of engaging with a wide range of live and on-demand video content from the very first click into what is now the ESPN App on Apple TV."
ESPN is launching the new app today, ahead of the premiere of its new multiplatform original series "We the Fans." On April 9, four episodes of the eight-episode show will stream exclusively on ESPN's suite of mobile and tv-based apps two days before premiering on cable.

Article Link: ESPN Updates Apple TV App With New Interface, Live Streaming Auto-Play, and On Demand Videos


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Jan 9, 2017
Wish I could watch multiple items at once. It is the only good thing about the Fox Sports Go app.


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Aug 8, 2010
Wish I could watch multiple items at once. It is the only good thing about the Fox Sports Go app.

I agree they definitely need to add PIP and multiple streams within the TVos app. Hopefully this is step 1 and they will release it for Fall football time when it is really needed going into the busy fall season.

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Jun 17, 2009
Fort Worth, TX
is it just me, or is the app icon very dim looking? On both of my apple tv's, it looks this way. Almost like it's stuck in a perpetual app update..

EDIT: it seems to have corrected itself. very good looking app!
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Jul 11, 2008
Central New York
Is it me, or does the picture look a lot better than the old watchESPN App? I am watching Pardon The Interruption right and it is crystal clear AND the bottom line is smooth as can be. In my opinion they tweaked something. Probably went to 60fps. Enjoy everyone!

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Aug 15, 2010
This app is on the UK app store and has been for months. Load it up and it instantly blocks you with a message that the service isn't available to anyone outside the US. I wish somebody at Apple would either tell them it isn't working and have them fix it or removed form the UK app store because as it is it is completely useless.
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