**Essay Of A Question** iPhone Battery/Panic Mode/Dying Problems - Long Explanation

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    Hi guys,


    So I have had immense troubles with my iPhone 4S since the week i purchased it (one year ago). No joke -

    1st Problem: 'Panic Mode' I believe its called... A hardware issue, which once looking in system diagnostics I can see my phone actually has the term 'panic' written there and what would happen is, my phone would just go black - it was like it was turned off as the screen was blank and i couldn't use the phone however the battery was still draining and people were still able to call and leave messages - So it was as if my phone was still on but no one was home! So to speak.
    I let this go as I could still turn the phone back on by doing a hard reset (only once i realised it had done this) and it was doing it every second day - wasn't to much of a huge issue for me until my home button stopped working due to constant wear.

    During this time, I got into a shocking habit of only charging my phone, just a little bit - so just incase my phone had a 'panic attack' it wouldn't take to long for the battery to drain, and I could just plug it in to a charger, charge it like normal and it would come back on.... But if I had it charged to 100% then, it might take a day and a half for me to get my phone back being that 'Hard Reset' was no longer an option.

    I actually dropped my phone during this time of 'no home button' which I saw as a handy excuse to just go and get the phone repaired. I took it to a repair place, they charged me a whopping $120 for a new screen, back and replacement home button... I say whopping because I found out only afterwards that my insurance was still valid... IE: NEW PHONE FOR FREE.....

    All features got replaced and I got a phone cover *as a free bonus* for spending so much - little did I realise, only when I took the cover off for the first time (about two months later) that the entire back of the phone was practically falling off and the cover was only just holding it in.... Dodgy brothers Phone hospital!!!!!

    ANYWAY - During that time, even though I had already had hardware issues, I had a bottle of water defrost in a bag that my phone happened to be lying in... so now it appears that there may be water damage as you can see patches on the screen depending on the light you hold it up in (didn't appear to affect the phone - so not 100% sure).


    For the passed month, my phone has been losing battery extremely quickly, would start at 100% within 15-20mins down to 45% then within another 10minutes it was guaranteed to be off... This was primarily whilst using Facebook/twitter. Then it started happening even if I was just sending sms's.

    Then what it more recently started doing is, being charged fully or anywhere and just going from that full charge status to 1% then turning off... It would flash up with the *charge me* symbol - so I would plug it in to a charger - within about 10 seconds it would turn itself back on and read that it was at the same charge as it was before it turned off (normally gets down to 30% and turns off - but today it turned off at 89%).

    Tonight, the inspiration for me joining this forum was the pinnacle of all my problems with this pile of hardware garbage.... Is that now, it is still only turning on if i connect it to a charger - but the second it comes back on it flashes up with the *passcode* screen and then it just turns itself off... Resets itself and tries again, then turns itself off.... Then comes up with the *charge me* symbol.... and history repeats itself.... But ultimately the thing WILL NOT turn back on and even if it does, I doubt it will be for long.

    I know that my *lack of charging it* when it was having its panic mode problems, is undoubtedly a contributing factor to the epic battery problems it is currently having - but is there ANYTHING i can do?

    Any advice would be amazing
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    For starters, back your phone up and do a full DFU restore. If that doesn't help, then you need to buy a new battery, and get it installed. Good luck.

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