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Apr 23, 2006
Rather than comb through dodgy 17 Best iPad Pro Application links I thought I'd get the collective ideas from you.

I have an iPad Pro 2nd gen arriving tomorrow and the only applications I really know about that I would like to try are Lightroom and Pages/Numbers. What are the absolute essentials? What do people use for digital music (Korg-type things), or for sketching and the like? And.. well, any recommendations would be great!

Thanks all.


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Apr 24, 2015
Lancs, UK
Procreate is my favourite ‘proper drawing’ app. TouchDraw is really good for quick technical sketches. For ‘napkin sketches’ the Apple Notes app is already great.

I use iThoughts for mind mapping. It’s how I take notes for anything and everything, including business meetings with clients.

GoodReader is my personal preference for PDF reading, though PDF Expert is also ok in my experience.
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