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Jun 14, 2006
So, I've got Reason and Logic Express going on my MacBook Pro, and now that I've got some space to play with, it's time I got some decent plugins, from synths to FX. What would you guys recommend as a basic starter package other than the bundled plugins with Logic Express? I'm looking for some of the following:

Wurlitzer EP (Fender Rhodes mk 1 + 2)
B4 Hammond
Concert Grand
DX7 synth
Decent sampler
Decent drum sampler (or TR808 etc... synth)
Decent Delay FX, particularly dub FX
Decent dynamic tools, such as gates, compressors and limiters
Decent EQs
Decent Reverbs

Other 'recommended' plugins for somebody who wants to make some good music on a budget would be good. Thanks :)

Bow Rekk

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Jun 22, 2007
Haven't you got an electric piano plugin and an organ plug in in logic express?
Also, the yamaha grand in the exs sampler is pretty good. Do you have that? You might want to buy a dedicated piano plug in if you use it a lot though.

I used to use psp vintage warmer and the mixpack in cubase. They made everything so much better. I've found there is not so much need with logic pro so I haven't got them on my mac.

My brother has Kontact and reckons that is top. He also has a few spectrasonics instruments and reckon they are top too.

All of these will cost you a fair whack though.

Just remembered. Crystal. Green oak make it i think. It's free and you can get some crazy sounds out of it.


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so many plugs....

i like:

for all synth sounds in general, Absynth 4 by Native Instruments and Atmosphere by Spectrasonics would cover you for a while....

you can also try out the old hardware replica's like the ARP2600 and all the Moog emulators by Arturia.

Native Instruments makes a nice Hammond B3 replica called 'B3....and the update is now called the's nice

Novation makes some nice plugs....V-Station is cool
The Rob Papen plugs...Blue and Albino are really detailed..
Steinburg makes a ton of synth plugs too. I've used the Waldorf one before..
I've tried the demo's for most of those. I could only afford one, and I went with Atmosphere and later got the V-station. They should all still have demo's to try out.

For Drum plugs, I invested in BFD and i love it. Crazy drum program that takes a ton of HD space. Also, Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics is really fun.

Bass, If I could afford it, I'd get Trilogy from Spectrasonics as it's really all you need. I've also tried a bass Plug called Broomstick Bass that was fun.

And as already mentioned above, Kontakt from Native Instruments is hardcore for sampling. I can't afford that one at all. And finally the craziest plug in of them all IMO is Reaktor from Native Instruments.

for FX and stuff, i like the Wave Arts power suite, and I've used plugs from Elemental Audio and PSP (vintage warmer and the Delay's)