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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by mrdctaylor, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I'm have a weird intermittent issue. I've googled around and haven't really come up with much. I'm hoping someone can help.

    I have a Mac Mini that is about a year (maybe 1.5 years) old. It was the first model without the optical drive. Every so often it drops its network connection. It is connected via a wired ethernet connection to my Linksys router. I can't seem to do anything settings-wise to get it to come back. I've tried renewing DHCP, etc. to no availl.

    It still shows connected in settings, but it obviously isn't because I cannot hit anything on the internet and I cannot even hit my router's settings page. It isn't just the browser--it is anything.

    If I turn on wireless, I can use wireless fine. It is just the wired connected that is screwed up. Originally, I needed to reboot to get it to come back. However, I found out recently that if I unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in it begins working!

    It is an annoyance that I'm hoping I can fix. I am on Mountain Lion. I never experienced this before Mountain Lion (it originally had Lion installed), but I don't remember it happening until recently and I've had Mountain Lion since a couple of weeks after it was released. It also seems to happen after the Mac has been asleep, *BUT* the network will work immediately upon waking. It is usually a minute or two after it wakes up that it gets into this state (if it is going to happen).

    I'm fresh out of things to try. Has anyone else seen a similar issue? I'm hoping that the network card isn't flaking out on me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    iMac on Ethernet cable sometimes 'looses' IP address

    I am having exactly the same issue with my iMac from 2012. My internet connection typically once a week breaks down. When I look in Network Preferences, a non-attached IP address (should be 192.168.1.X but is something like 169.x.x.x) has been assigned. The iMac still 'sees' the cable. Resetting the router, changing ports on the router of shutting down and restarting Ethernet on the iMac does not help. The only thing usually works is a reboot… or wait for some time (eg a day), when it automagically starts working again.

    Does anyone have any idea what the cause of this might be? My other iMac (model 2008) has no problem whatsoever, on identical wire to the same ethernet switch box.

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    Try using a different cable or use a better quality Ethernet interconnect cable. Cat5e or better is recommended for gigabit Ethernet connections. Cat 6 interconnect which has more twists is even better. I use Rosewill brand Cat 7 spec. Ethernet interconnect cable which has S/STP or shielded/shielded twisted pair. From what I have read there technically is no official Cat 7 standard but the key difference in the spec. is the added shielding. If you are having networking problems specifically after your system wakes after sleeping then check to see if this is an issue with your "wake on LAN" settings or other related LAN settings for your computer and/or router.
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