Ethics of a Chargeback?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aea, Sep 20, 2008.

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    I bought a 23" ACD from a seller on eBay with a very good reputation (Single Negative in the last month was about slow shipping, one after that was similar), my shipping was prompt and it arrived fairly well packed in a large oversized 30" Box.

    Didn't have anything positive to say after that, there was the residue of a roughly 3"x3" sticker, on the SCREEN!. Spent a few minutes carefully cleaning the monitor with a ultrafine cloth and an LCD cleaning solution and all the dust off the screen as well. The case itself is covered with stickers but there's no real cosmetic problems.


    When I turned the screen on and connected it to my computer I was astonished to see that there were seven scratches! None were close to the sticker, these were higher up.

    All of them run parallel except for one, they're only really visible on light colors, four are so minor they can be ignored, but two are deep and about 1.5" long.

    This is unacceptable. The seller is a company that's in charge of selling off lease components, and has a policy of checking products, they're a pretty major seller both on and off eBay. Their policy states full refunds except for shipping costs. I don't want to be out of $75 worth of shipping costs to send back a broken screen that I paid nearly $600 for. I thought it would be due diligence to plug it in before selling and in the very least removing the sticker on the screen.

    What should I do? I paid via Credit Card directly through a third-party merchant.

    I don't want to be screwed over on shipping costs, and I don't want to leave the company bad feedback either since this looks like a fluke. I'm going to call them doing business hours on Monday and try to get this sorted. If they refuse to refund shipping should I just go ahead and file a chargeback?

    Any advice would be appreciated, and thanks for reading my long rant :)
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    I would see what they say when you call and if they're not willing to work with you I go that route.
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    You need to try and resolve it with them first. You obviously cannot charge back for something that is in your possession. If they don't want to play ball get an ra. send it back and then do a charge back on the shipping. They will have to notify the credit card company in writing why they feel your charge back is invalid. I think you would have a good case to win the charge back, worse case you would be out the 75.00 which sounds much better then a scratched 600.00 screen.
  5. Macky-Mac macrumors 68030


    May 18, 2004
    Definitely try to resolve this with the seller first.

    if the seller gives you a full refund, then there's really nothing left to "chargeback" against in order to cover your shipping costs.
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    Well, I assume because you haven't mentioned PayPal that you didn't use PayPal... if that's the case your payment processor probably doesn't even have anything to help you. PayPal has "Significantly Not As Described" type cases that you can offer a settlement with the seller (say, a partial refund of $125 or something) that they can accept, and if that fails, PayPal will force them to return it. But as you've said, the seller will already accept returns... plus you'll be out shipping.

    A credit card company chargeback is the only way to get your shipping costs back. It's not unethical; their business was gray area ethics if they did not test the product, ensure quality, and did not express the scratch damage in the auction description... it was "significantly not as described [in the auction]." Especially if you have Discover or AmEx... they won't even make you ship it back, but just ask that you "make it available," which means that if the seller ships you a prepaid box to ship it back, you have to commit to doing that, but they don't even follow up! LOL. Now that is definitely less than ethical, unless the seller really doesn't care or follow up with it... But I digress. A chargeback is just a way of getting back you shipping, which is only fair because they misadvertised the item.

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