Etymotic or Shure - for tiny ears!

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by linshiwen, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I am having serious trouble deciding between Etymotic HF2 or similarly priced Shure. There are two main issues at play here: first and probably most importantly I have tiny ear canals, and I specifically read reviews commenting on how well the small attachments that come with the HF2 fit small ears. Even the smallest attachments for my previous headphones (Vibe duo, which predictably broke- they are know for awful built quality apparently) never fit, and they were constantly falling out of my ears. VERY annoying. But I loved how the vibe duos sounded. I read in reviews that the Etymotics have weak bass. While shure would probably be the better route in terms of balanced sound, I am not sure that their small attachements would be small enough.

    Can anyone comment on either the HF2 bass (i.e. can it be improved with equalizer, or is even that insufficient) or can my fellow tiny ear canal comrades comment on the fit of the Shures?

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    I used a pair of Etymotic ER6i headphones for years and, when I missed them dreadfully after buying an iPhone, I removed the buds and soldered them to Apple's cable, mic and jack.

    The "i" model was specifically designed for the iPod, providing greater sound output and enhanced bass. I am a bit of a Hi-Fi buff and I tend to listen to my music "flat" but I don't think I'd be happy with Etymotic's standard bass characteristics. With my custom ER6is, I have the equaliser set to off on my iPhone and it all sounds wonderful!

    My ear canals must be medium sized, as the standard flanges work well for me. I would imagine that Etymotic will be able to match any size of ear canal, as they are specialists in ear protection and hearing technology, rather than just a manufacturer of Hi-Fi equipment. They make a range of accessories to cater for both small and large ear canals. It is important to follow their instructions regarding fitting and insertion, as their products will not give decent bass response otherwise.

    If you're wondering where this is leading, there's now a company doing the same modification that I performed, so that you can get the sound you want and the precise fit you need.

    Check them out here.
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    I have a similar problem. I don't know what your price is, but I solved everything with fully custom made ear phones. Once you get the hang f them, they re priceless. I use them mostly for running with an ipod, but I see no reason you couldn't use them in the iphone. Not cheap, I think the cheapest is around USD $200 (Challenger M), but very well built, they have already outlasted my set of earphones that came with my ipod.

    There is a bit of a process involved (going to an audiologist to get imprints of your ear), but, like I said, fantastic.

    The only thing I would prepare you for is that with them in, you can not hear anything going on around you - with the music off, they are like ear plugs!
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