EU vs. US consumer rights, faulty buttons and replacements

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fruitninja, May 4, 2014.

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    In Europe I know where you can read your consumer rights in plain English:

    Start here for general information:

    Then head over to specific country information, for example, the UK (aka. the 51th State):

    Plain English, friendly and knowledgeable staff (who are for you) answer your questions.

    Now you know your EU rights, now I am looking for the same information regarding your rights as a US consumer. I would trust more of the info of a government body or an independent consumer protection group than what the company says. As it turned out company policies are not omnipotent, companies have to succumb to national laws (as in the case of Apple vs. Europe and Australia).

    The situation: I am from Europe and I consider buying stuff from the US. As you know, the price difference is still substantial in the favor of the US, even if we count 2 year EU base warranty vs. 1 year US base warranty with AppleCare add-on purchased.

    Possible worrisome problem scenario: I got an iOS device with a faulty home button. Apple can only replace it as a whole unit but consider it only a minor repair. (Not to mention the many possible ways and horrors a laptop can go wrong.) In Europe I know my rights and possibilities but as for the US I am clueless.

    Question applies to all Macs and iOS devices. For the iPhone I am thinking of only factory unlocked devices under manufacturer's warranty (preferably bought directly from manufacturer as well), not bought from a carrier.
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    The warranty is for 1 year, theres nothing special. A few states might have different laws but you are required to be a resident of that state for that to apply.
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    Unfortunately in the US we don't have much consumer rights or any laws that would help us against faulty products over a certain amount of time.
    Its whatever the manufacturer decides to warranty its devices for and even then they can make you jump through many hoops to get the work done in general.
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    In the US, we don't really have any rights despite what people think they do.

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