HomeKit eufyCam 2 camera system on sale $275.99


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Jan 8, 2012
I purchased the eufyCam2 and an extra camera yesterday on Amazon. It is also at the same price on eufy site. The sale is go through March 15. They are HomeKit compatible, I've read good reviews on them, so hopefully they do work well.

I am adding this in addition to the Neatamo cameras I have, I am tired of waiting for their doorbell solution.
Post back once you use them for a little while. Curious to see your impressions.


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Sep 9, 2014
Tucson, AZ
Post back once you use them for a little while. Curious to see your impressions.
I will, but so far very impressed with the speed of notification, accuracy, and video quality. The video is very crisp as well. The setup is easy and eufy's app is very good. Once you setup the main unit (hub) in Homekit, when you add devices in eufy's app, they appear automatically in Homekit. The app has a lot of features and has been intuitive so far.

I like you can invite family and friends to the camera feeds. I set my wife up with her account and invited her. She accepted and automatically the eufy app on her phone was setup as was her Homekit. Very slick.

It is secure video, but not HSV. Hopefully a future addition.

My friend purchased the same and had no issues setting it up (he is technically challanged). Working well for him as well.

I also have Netamo cameras (Welcome & Presence). I got sick of waiting on their doorbell, so one of the eufy camera's serves my door. It has interactive intercom during live feed. I chose this route over going with their doorbell too.

During installation at my front porch, I dropped the camera about 10' onto concrete. Not a scratch or crack....camera working perfect. That is impressive! I ordered another camera for the $106 sale price and will use it along the front of my house or inside my garage and put my Welcome in the house.
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