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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by juicedus, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I need a little help with figuring out low cost travel for my trip in June. I'm flying into Frankfurt Germany on June 10 and leaving on June 20.

    I need help getting from Frankfurt to Krakow on the 11th, Krakow to Strasbourg on the 17th, and then back to Frankfurt on the 20th. I've looked at to get train train tickets from Frankfurt to Strasbourg, round-trip, for 87 eur. Airfare from Frankfurt to Krakow, round-trip, is $400. Bahn won't give me prices for the train from Frankfurt to Krakow, but thats a 12 hour ride anyway and I don't want to spend all that time traveling.

    This is where I need the help. I'd like to get travel a little cheaper but

    A) I don't know how far any other city is to find plane tickets

    B) I don't know German/French/Polish so the fewest amount of connections would be idea

    C) I don't mind long travel times as long as it can be done at night so I can sleep through it

    I know this limits my options significantly but since I figure some of you more knowledgeable people can point me in the right direction.
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    I'm not sure where you got your airfares from but try some of the German low-cost airlines.

    AirBerlin and Germanwings tend to have good fares to a variety of German/European cities.

    Your big problem though is being in Germany while the World Cup is on - air fares and htoel rates will already be sky high from soccer fans being in the area since Frankfurt is one of the cities where games are being played.
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    More cheap airlines

    Here's a link to some cheap European airlines; as you'll see there are many more here than in the US.


    I don't know about German trains, but in France the national carrier is SNCF (Societé National des Chemins de Fer), and their website is (english version in lower left corner). This will link with German railways to get you to Strasbourg.


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