European Regulators Set April 23 Deadline to Decide on Apple's Proposed Shazam Acquisition

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    The European Commission today announced it has set a provisional deadline of April 23 to decide on Apple's proposed acquisition of Shazam.


    Last month, the regulatory body said it would consider whether Apple's purchase of the popular music identification service may lead to a significant adverse effect on competition in Europe, after Austria, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden requested the deal be assessed under European Union merger law.

    The European Commission didn't specify how the deal could hurt competition, but Shazam does have partnerships with European companies like Spotify that could be affected by the acquisition. However, it's standard for major acquisitions to be subject to review, so the deal will likely be approved without any scrutiny.


    Apple announced its plans to acquire Shazam in December in a statement provided to MacRumors and other publications:
    Shazam is a popular service that can identify the name and lyrics of songs, music videos, TV shows, and more. It has apps across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and iMessage, while the service has been built into Siri since iOS 8. The app is also integrated with streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify.

    In addition to Shazam, Apple this week announced it plans to acquire digital magazine subscription service Texture to be integrated into Apple News.

    Via: Reuters

    Article Link: European Regulators Set April 23 Deadline to Decide on Apple's Proposed Shazam Acquisition
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    Shazam. How very 2008 of them. Last time I remember seeing an ad using Shazam was ten years ago at 2am while watching TBS. It was for that Flexi-Seal spray cans where they cut a whole in a boat & put a storm door over the hole & float it. There was a Shazam code [QR code new-ish concept] on screen to use your new concept smart phones to take you to their site. Does Shazam still do that? Sincere question.

    The app back then only had 6 free song matches for free. None of us knew Android phones would vastly surpass it in 4 years.

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