iPhone evasi0n and provisioning profiles

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by f00f, Feb 12, 2013.

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    I've recently been volunteered (or, rather, "voluntold") to test an iOS app for an in-house developer at my place of employment. My iPhone5 is jailbroken w/ evasi0n 1.1 (w/ appropriate patches from Cydia) and finally set up the way I want it, and not about to give that up. I went to install the required provisioning profile (the developers use TestFlight for beta testing) & it looked like the profile install went just fine except at the last step the phone just froze up. I did the two-finger salute (home+sleep) to restart & the device found itself in a reboot loop. Did the salute again, this time with the volume-up button depressed which worked fine and allowed me to remove the offending provisioning profile. One more restart and my phone seems back to normal, happy, JB'd state.

    Does evasi0n have some certain adversity to provisioning profiles in general? Or is it probably this particular profile's fault for not playing nice with evasi0n?

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    I haven't yet installed mine, but, in the past, I have never had any issues installing it on my jailbroken phone. Hope evasi0n is not an issue as I will start working on my app soon. Worst case, I will just use my wife's non-jailbroken phone to test apps. :)

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