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Apr 12, 2001

Eve Systems, known for its line of Eve-branded HomeKit products, today updated its Eve app to version 4.3, adding a number of useful new features.


The Eve update will primarily be of interest to those who own Eve HomeKit accessories, but it is one of the better HomeKit apps on the market, and it also works with non-Eve devices.

Eve 4.3 introduces Touch and Hold functionality, allowing users to touch and hold almost anywhere in the app to open up contextual menus that provide additional control options. Where the new gesture can be used:
  • At a Glance: quickly control an accessory, set a scene that it's part of and view all accessory details.
  • Room Overview: instantly toggle all lights in a room and refine room settings in a snap.
  • Accessory Details & Types: jumping back and forth between individual accessories' details and the overview by Types has never been easier.
  • Automation: quickly toggle Rules and set Scenes.
Quicker automation access has been bundled into the app update. When viewing an accessory's details, there's an "Automation" entry that lists Rules and Scenes that it is part of. Entries support long press gestures for toggling Rules and setting Scenes, and tapping the "Add Rule" or "Add Scene" buttons provides a quick way to create a new automation.

Along with these major new features, the update provides different colors for each Home, a feature that's useful to those who have multiple homes, and it adds additional icons for HomeKit devices.

There's also support for Eve Window Guard and the Eve Cam, a camera with HomeKit Secure Video support that is set to start shipping in the near future.

The Eve for HomeKit app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Eve App for HomeKit Devices Gains Contextual Touch and Hold Menus, Quick Automation Access


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Sep 22, 2018
Really love the app! Only feature that I’d like to see added is that my grouped lights don’t show up as individual lights but instead as groups like in the Home app and the Hue app (with the Zones feature).


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Sep 14, 2018
The app is rubbish. It can’t even keep track of Eve products. Door times opened: “941”. When? “I dunno. What do you want from me? Contextualised data in a graph form based on when something happened? So what if the app says I can! I’m not gonna!”


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Sep 22, 2018
Yup, just experienced a hang for the first time in this app. After I force quitted it and restarted it I had no hangs again so far.
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