'Eve Online' Massively Multiplayer Spinoff Coming to iPhones and iPads Next Year

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    Developer CCP Games has revealed that a mobile spinoff of its massively multiplayer game Eve Online it coming to iOS next year. Launched back in 2003, Eve became famous for its vast sandbox universe and spectacular space battles involving thousands of players, even going on to spawn its own history, politics, and galactic economy.


    Codenamed Project Aurora and co-developed by Playraven, the smartphone version to debut in 2018 is set in a standalone Eve universe separate from the existing MMO theater, but involves many of the elements fans of the massively online multiplayer should instantly recognize.

    Players will have to advance their space stations and build out their fleets while competing with each other to collect ancient relics, which are used to repair jump gates that ultimately lead to the center of the galaxy. Trading, ship research and technology development will all remain central facets of the mobile Eve universe, so there should be plenty to keep veterans of the MMO happy.

    TouchArcade is currently attending the EVE Vegas event, so be sure to check in at the site in the coming days and weeks for more details on Project Aurora's interstellar mechanics.

    Article Link: 'Eve Online' Massively Multiplayer Spinoff Coming to iPhones and iPads Next Year
  2. ParanoidDroid macrumors 6502


    Sep 15, 2013
    Venusville, Mars
    WOW!:) If you can manage your account via iPhone, that'd be very handy.
  3. altaic, Oct 7, 2017
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    altaic macrumors member

    Jan 26, 2004
    So, it’s a limited version of Eve? Thanks for the ad. We’ll... uh... look forward to the upcoming in game purchases. /s
  4. Faelan macrumors regular


    Sep 12, 2014
    Might be fun, but CCP has a track record of starting up new projects, only to abandon them for the next shiny project.
  5. vmistery macrumors 6502a

    Apr 6, 2010
    Eve is still going?! I tried it about a decade ago but shooting a laser at a rock for hours on end didn’t appeal...
  6. xalea macrumors regular


    Jan 12, 2017
    Does it come with a separate spreadsheet app?
  7. scaramoosh macrumors 6502a

    Nov 30, 2014
    Shoulda shot other ships.
  8. eoblaed macrumors 68020


    Apr 21, 2010
    You’re doing it wrong.
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    Really pumped for this. It’d be nice if there was some integration with the actual Eve universe, but I’ve been waiting for a game like this for some time, and if CCP is throwing their weight behind it, I think it stands a chance to be a good one.
  9. MH01 Suspended


    Feb 11, 2008
    The game play will be interesting on an mobile device ,let's see
  10. Hirakata macrumors 6502


    Mar 17, 2011
    Burbank, CA
    Interesting quotes, considering it's sold as a game where you can do anything (i.e. mine, gamble, play the market, pirate, etc.). Like the previous comment, I played it almost a decade ago. I enjoyed the (limited) PvE. Spent six months saving up in game money. Bought a great drone ship I had my eye on for a while. Went to low sec (low meaning .7 or .8, so not quite that low...) to do a PvE mission. In warps some idiot who attacks me as well as the pirates I'm fighting off. Blows up my ship. Bribes me not to blow up my pod, and of course does when I turn him/her down. Canceled my membership right there. Can't compete with people who have much more time to play the game than me.

    Enjoyed it, but wish it had more PvE as I'm not a big fan of PvP because I'm not a big fan of people in general.

    But, to each their own I guess.
  11. scaramoosh macrumors 6502a

    Nov 30, 2014
    Everyone says this....

    However you just need to get over all game conventions you've been taught previously.

    Stop giving a crap about dying, as soon as you do that and you die 100 times and finally learn how the game works... you're a master at it. However people join and don't want to die, they spend years training skills to get the best ships for nothing. The best ships is a myth, they're only ships for certain roles and they only cost a lot if they're not common due to the market.

    Get a Frigate, kit it out and join a Corp, the Corp will show you the way.

    EVE is not a solo game!!!

    It used to be back in 2003 when all you had was 2 or 3 ships to choose from in PVP, but now there are hundreds of situation ships. If you try to go alone, someone will warp in and kill you because they have a scanner and known what you are. You will always be countered because the good players only take on fights they know they can win via scanning. This is another problem I hear from people, but they never learn the scanner and they never learn to only pick fights they can win.

    That said I played for 10 years, I've had my fill of it and I've moved on... but EVE Online is a game right now being dumbed down for the masses, because people fail to learn what type of game it is and quit. Which means sadly the population is in massive decline as old players are leaving and no new players are coming in.

    I personally feel it needs a whole new engine overhaul, a combat system overhaul, but to keep it's complexity, sadly they feel the need to get rid of the complexity... makes no sense wince they have concept games like EVE Valkyrie.
  12. metrokid macrumors newbie

    May 3, 2009
    Incorrect, the Best Ship is Friendship.

    But you are right there are no ships that do everything the best. You have to preassess the situation and pick the best ship for that particular one.
  13. ginkobiloba macrumors 6502


    Jul 2, 2007
    Wow... I don't know if I should be excited about this or not. I tried EveOnline many years ago, and what I loved so much about it is probably the thing that most users cared the least about, to just be able to stroll freely among those superb beautiful nebulaes and stars, while listening to the great ambient soundtrack ( is it still the same ? ). The graphics and the atmosphere were awesome.
    I didn't care the least about the whole combat and economic aspect of the game, and in fact, it was getting so much in the way, that I gave up on it quickly.
    They should have a "voyager" mode, that allows you to just enjoy travelling around without forcing you to "play" the whole combat/economy thing.
  14. michaelant macrumors regular


    Apr 8, 2006
    You may have heard of No Man's Sky? There's a backlash against them because they oversold what you can do, but what you can do is just voyage around with little pressure to do anything in particular. Only on PS4 and Windows, however.
  15. ginkobiloba macrumors 6502


    Jul 2, 2007
    Looks nice ! Yeah , that could be the kind of thing I'm looking for. Too bad Windows only...
  16. CedricT macrumors member

    Oct 23, 2015
    Was going to say the same thing. At least on the iPad you can split screen with Excel.
  17. Vagrin macrumors newbie

    Oct 8, 2017
    Very true Faelan. I remember leaving eve online for them for what they promised and yet I never seen what they promised. I haven’t played in quite sometime so maybe they finally got the walking in stations (leave the room your locked in) going. Don’t know.
  18. Faelan macrumors regular


    Sep 12, 2014
    No, it’s still limited to just the pointless walking in you captain’s quarters and I haven’t heard anything about that possibly changing in the future. I last checked up on EVE about 2 months ago, wondering if there would be something new and exciting to return for. Didn’t see much. It’s still the same old place with some furniture moved around and cleaned up a bit. Not enough to justify me throwing money and my time at CCP.
  19. whyamihere macrumors 6502


    Jun 30, 2008
    Never heard of this game, but it sounds like a more complex/graphical version of one of my favorite old BBS games called TradeWars!
  20. Vagrin macrumors newbie

    Oct 8, 2017
    Just out curiosity, do you still get emails? I still, after more than a year of not playing or paying, get emails.
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    Never played don’t know.

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