Even MS knows themselves....

Discussion in 'macOS' started by iQuit, May 22, 2005.

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    that they suck

    10. Does Virtual PC make my Mac more vulnerable to computer viruses?

    Windows running on a virtual machine is less susceptible to viruses than Windows running on a PC. It is unlikely that a virus will affect the Mac OS or Mac files, but in certain circumstances your virtual machine running Windows exposes you to the same security risks that users running Windows on a Windows-based computer face. To lower your risk, make sure you have always installed the latest Windows security patches and service releases. To learn how to keep Windows up-to-date, search Virtual PC Help for Windows updates.
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    That's pretty funny! Although I will say that probably one of the only reasons they put it in there is so that the average mac user knows better...because I think a lot of us forget how much you need to update windows.
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    The warning is especially important if you share drives between Virtual PC and Mac OS, since this is exactly the vector Windows macro viruses need to get into your Mac Office files.

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