Even though I hate to say it, I think I'm done with Jailbreaking...


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Sep 24, 2007
OK... I Said it! I have jailbroken my phone a few times already (apptapp, ifuntastic, itoner, ijailbreak, and appsnapp) and each time a few days later I've restored back to Apple's standards. This is not to say I don't love the applications, the process of making the phone my own with icons, backgrounds, etc. because I do... I really enjoy having an iPhone that does not look like everyone else's. That all said each time I hack it, it seems that things just go a little "wrong". Programs don't run correctly, or run sometimes then don't run the next time. Nothing major, but enough to annoy into restoring it. So I think I'm done at this point. I think the DEV team and ALL THE HACKERS that have worked to free this platform have done a GREAT JOB and I applaud them for sticking to what is right... allowing the consumer to use the product to its full potential. For me though, I will now run it on its Apple programming (or maybe switch to a blackberry.... Yes, I am seriously considering it!)

Is anyone else feeling this way?


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Sep 21, 2007
ive not used any of the hacks yet im too wuss to even though im temptd since i want the itunes store..:rolleyes:


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Feb 22, 2006
I've been contemplating trying it just for the heck of it. My only concern is that even after a restore - something might stay behind thereby potentially effecting the warranty. I haven't heard any definitive answers one way or another. I dunno, i might just try it anyway...


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Sep 25, 2007
I am considering not jailbreaking anymore as well. The main reason for me is because I had a HUGE scare a few days ago after downloading and using a program from appsnapp. One of the themes I chose from iswitcher must have somehow recognized my iphoine as an ipod touch, and my phone would not show anything but a black screen and ipod in the top left corner where it is supposed to say AT&T.

I then tried restarting the phone, and still nothing. I tried restoring and got error after error. I then ended up having to restart my computer and for some odd reason that made me be able to restore my iPhone. Ever since then I have been too afraid to jailbreak again. (I am seriously thinking about doing it now again though) :)

So I atleast know that after using jailbreakme.com the phone can be restored back to original using itunes (for now anyways). <---- But what if apple figures out a way to stop this???


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Dec 17, 2003
Los Angeles, CA
I don't bother with theming and stuff, just to install additional apps. I think this keeps the unit nice and trim, but you get some added functionality.


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Sep 14, 2007
I have Jailbreaked 3 times - everytime something different didn't work!

My iPhone came Jailbreaked and unlocked in 1.0.2 firmware - I added some apps using installer but I didn't really find anything useful!

Then 1.1.1 came out! In the process of installing iPhoneSIMFree to see if I could fix my phone so I could upgrade to 1.1.1 I managed to crash my phone and it got stuck in restore mode!

So I started my upgrade to 1.1.1 experiences!

First Time:

Had problems restoring back to 1.0.2 with iTunes although when it was done I used WINstaller to Jailbreak/activate (although I should have used apptapp/ibrickr as I think they are better and safer!).

Upgraded to 1.1.1 without issue, but then had similar problems going back to 1.0.2.

Eventually got it back to 1.0.2 and installed IPSF which fixed my phone so I could REALLY update,

I did this Manually using windows hacks.

Took me 2 days during which I thought I would not be able to make it work.
Eventually it all worked.

Everything worked perfectly- youtube and installer had no problems.

iPhone played on my Alpine Full Speed iPod Head Unit perfectly with fulll access to all settings through the head unit.

If I am honest I regret messing with the phone after this first JB as it had nothing wrong with it!

I decided in stupidity to try and add international support for the iphone so numbers would be displayed in UK format. BAD IDEA!

iPhone became an iPod!

Second Time:

Again had problems restoring to 1.0.2!

Only took me ONE day this time and I knew I could get it done but I still had loads of problems with the manual process!

This time Youtube DIDN'T work!

iPhone would not work with my Alpine Car Headunit

BUT installer still did!

I managed to fix YouTube however.

I bought a MacBook so thought I would try adding international again.


Third Time:

I used Independence to Jailbreak and activate.

I of course still had problems getting back to 1.0.2 and then I had some minor problems with Independence itself but sorted them.

ONE hour later iPhone was working!

It works now again in my car.

I am sure however that my battery life is less than it was after the first Jailbreak and that both this jailbreak and the second time have somehow effected my battery! (I know about adding services to switch off SSH but on the second time it said it was already off and this last attempt it does not even show SSH as being present even though I know it is!)

BUT Installer WON'T work properly and if I add more than 16 apps the page DOES NOT scroll!

I added one game to the phone and deleted installer and now I am leaving it as it is!

Truth is I never used any other apps and as Installer doesn't work I don't want to mess with it anymore!

I am HAPPY with my phone how it is now!

Although yes it does annoy me that installer doesn't work even if I don't plan on using it!

And YES I AM TEMPTED to try jailbreakme.com (or whatever the address is) to see if Installer will work again.

BUT I KNOW it will most likely mean I have to restore my iPhone again and I really don't want to!

So that is it for me - no more messing with the phone!

I am sure when a firmware update comes out that I can use Independence on I will give it ago but no more messing around with it for me from now on!

My personal opinion on Jailbreaking?

Well I spent so much time trying to repair my phone that I started to disike using it.

It was just a constant headache and was driving me mad!

We should all rememeber that it IS A PHONE and therefore is only worthit if it is working!
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