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Discussion in 'iPad' started by bboyce2009, Oct 23, 2013.

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    While many are excited about what was announced, there are plenty others that are up in arms about "Apple's imminent demise". But I think they are poising themselves for a potential shake up.

    They know that they cannot continue being predictable about new releases. This allows competition to anticipate their moves, and take away the "new factor". Albeit, this still occurs today, but it's getting worse. One could argue that the reason why more and more people are disappointed with Apple's latest releases is because of over-saturation in the market. While Apple itself doesn't have a huge product lineup, there are so many competitors that nothing seems "new" anymore.

    So here's my theory:

    iPad Air--they are setting themselves up for a larger iPad or an "iPad Pro" down the road. Whether this "Pro" iPad is just a larger iPad or a more OSX experience remains unseen. I felt the "iPad Air" name was odd and unnecessary, but instead of throwing several new iPad suffixes at the public at the release, they are changing one now, and adding another later.

    OSX--with annual free updates, they are treating their operating system like iOS. They mentioned their clear goals for the OS, I believe they are trying to bring iOS and OSX together where a variant of the two will work on all devices. This will take several years, but I think it is a goal of Apple's.

    iPhone--this is where I think all of this comes together. Apple did a lot of things that some felt were unusual for them. But I think in addition to setting themselves up for a bigger, or more professional iPad, they are setting themselves up for a bigger, or even "phablet" iPhone. When this happens, they can keep a 5C-type phone out at the low price point, and for those that like the smaller size. THEN they could release a larger phone, but this time, with iPad retina display.
    1080p is a growing standard, and Apple can't rely on the retina term much longer. It is a great screen, but they could build a bigger iPhone with iPad retina display resolution, and allow it run iPad apps (and develop an auto-scale tool for original iPhone apps). This could allow for more unity in the App Store by allowing one app to run on both tablets and phones.
    This theory may be a stretch, but could avoid fragmentation with a new size. It may take a little longer, but if they can mass produce 1080p screens at the larger sizes, they should be able to (if not now, soon) produce iPad screens at a bigger iPhone size.

    Apologies for the long post, but it's my theory and thoughts on yesterday's event. They're setting themselves up for a big 2014, and on into several years. It's all about unity. May be a stretch, but I think we will see an iPhone with 2048x1536 eventually. It is one heck of a way to "beat" all of the competitors toting their 1080p screens. The only problem is how Apple will market it without looking hypocritical about their "4-inch phones are the best" statements.
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    Good post.

    IPad Air name is strange and unexpected.
    Why add Air to a name that defines tablets?
    Then put just the iPhone CPU in it without the other new features?

    Keeping the iPad 2?

    MacBook Pro 13 retina pricing from $1499 to $1299 was suppose to be a big deal for a dual core i5?

    A Mac Pro that looks like a waste bin?

    Ives in his tshirt again?

    Sure the excitement of the early days of Jobs with iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad can't last forever , but its just kinda sad to see how it is unravelling.
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    Great post BBoyce and I agree.

    Apple was first with a lot of things and others have caught up.

    Their true gift at this point is a stellar marketing team. This is important because those of us who are members of forums like this one and who read all the latest tech news are a tiny fraction of Apple's audience. Most people just want a lighter tablet to watch netflix on and check email with. Most people aren't as concerned with the details as we are.

    So they are enamored of the new pencil/iPad commercial and were waiting on the iPad to get lighter and who cares about the rest.


    And I'll add that the marketing is so good that even though I love my iPad mini for a second yesterday I considered getting the iPad air.

    I'm long past the days of "get it just to get it" so I'll wait until it had touch id just as I'm waiting for iPhone 6 for other reasons, but they almost had me. Yeah...I'm a sucker for new toys. New meaning almost identical to the previous iteration, but just new to me. :)

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