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    I thought iMovie used to just have the "Events" library. Why does it now have a iMovie Library as well as the All Events section, what's the difference, and after upgrading from 2011, is there a way I can rename Events? Or will that destroy all my movies / Projects?

    EG: I have stuff all over the place, with old film footage imported recently that appears newer than I want it to. It's from the 70's! So I'd like to reorganise my Events by folders, and dump everything into the right annual folder. If I rename and reorganise all my Events into new folders by year, will that totally break all Projects that might be based on those events? Or will the Projects update their links to those files automatically? Just how 'smart' are the Projects like this?
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    iMovie11 has/had the file "iMovie Events". When importing into iMovie11(v 9), all your Events are stored here and show in the Events Library in the main iMovie11 window. You should also have a folder called iMovie Projects where your Projects are stored.

    As you've recently upgraded, it sounds like you now have the latest version of iMovie; ie, iMovie10. This uses the file iMovie Library to store all your imports/Events and Projects. You still have iMovie11. It should be in a folder called iMovie 9.0.9 in your Applications Folder.

    Do this from within iMovie, by double clicking on the name of the Event in the Event Library.

    You can't create folders in iMovie. The primary structure is the Event. These are grouped by the year they are created and contain imported video that is dated the same year. I've tried dragging an Event from one year to another, and iMovie won't allow it.

    If you have video "all over the place" and you want it to appear I'm iMovie, then you need to import it.

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