Everdock for 6 plus?


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Feb 2, 2009
does anyone use an everdock with a 6 plus? what are their thoughts on it? im thinking of getting one and using it (caseless)




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Sep 22, 2014
does anyone use an everdock with a 6 plus? what are their thoughts on it? im thinking of getting one and using it (caseless)


I bought one for my 6 + and it works like a charm! I usually dock it with a case on though. Its nice and heavy and won't move at all if you use the adhesive bottom. I can place and remove my phone with one hand. I only have 2 complaints:

The first is that its difficult to run your lighting cable through the bottom. The "teeth" that hold the cable in place messed up the covering of the cable. I guess it doesn't really matter if you are planning to keep it there.

And second, the rubber covers you use to adjust how close your phone fits to the dock don't really stick. They kind of just lay on top of the dock. I guess this really isn't really a problem either as they don't really move, but just wanted to give you my complete opinon. :D


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Dec 14, 2007
I bought a single and double. Works great. I think the price is high, however, based upon the fact that it comes with a USB cable that I don't need and NO lightning cable.

It is still the cheapest of the lot of them out there.


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Sep 7, 2008
Just got them (Everdock Duo) for my wife and I. Love it. I am docking a iPhone 6 with a Neo Hybrid case. I used the thin insert, but cut the bottom off, so that it is just the back. The case required it, but works perfectly. Given cases are different, YMMV. My wife has a different case, not as thick on the bottom, and we didn't have to modify her insert. I use the thin insert for the second slot for my iPad 2. Wife uses the thick one for her iPad mini.

Word of caution for Lightning cables... the inserts provided fit the stock cables and may not fit 3rd party cables, but will fit Apple cables. I have a 3rd party cable that I got because I wanted black... didn't fit. Same with the 30 pin connectors... the dock is set up to use the Apple cables.


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Sep 28, 2013
This is David from FUZ Designs. I'm so glad you're all loving your EverDocks. I just wanted to let you know if you need something custom, we can usually help you. For instance, in the case where the user cut the bottom off the thin silicone, we could just send you a an adapter that holds the Lightning cable 1.5mm higher and that would place the phone in the perfect position while maintaining the clean look of your EverDock.

Also, we have a custom adapter for the Amazon Basics lightning cable if you want to use one of those too. Just email us at support@fuzdesigns.com and we can get you custom adapters to suit your needs. Thanks everyone.